The Best Presents for a Gamer

The market for computer games and accessories is continuing to show strong growth. When compared to 2019, computer sales in France represented a turnover of 516 million euros in 2020, which is an increase of 20% when compared to 2019, and sales of PC accessories topped 175 million euros by revenue (+13%). In good health, which, if it was due to a specific year owing to the confinements which increased video games, also represents an ongoing excitement for this medium. For every gamer who wants to be successful, peripherals like headphones, keyboards, controllers, and mice are absolutely necessary. Other businesses, such as networks of opticians that advertise spectacles to alleviate eye tiredness and the impacts of blue rays, are also beginning to compete in this sector however.

The Best Presents for a Gamer

The Best Presents for a Gamer

Logitech G435 Headset

The G435 series of on-ear headphones from Logitech is both loud and light (165 g), and they are part of the company’s lineup of pro gaming peripherals. Especially comfy versions that provide an enveloping aural atmosphere.

Ideal SSD Drive For Playstation 5

An update that Sony has been providing for the Playstation 5 for a few weeks now finally enables users to connect an SSD to the console in order to enhance its storage capacity. You will just need a little Phillips screwdriver to complete the process, and the internet is loaded with instructional videos that can walk you through it step by step. This model from Crucial can read at rates of up to 6,600 MB/s, and it can be purchased for a hundred euros. It does its purpose really well. Our recommendation is that you make sure to give it with a tiny heat sink so that you can keep the temperature on the inside under control. Other manufacturers, such as Samsung, Western Digital, or Seagate, also provide products with comparable levels of quality as the ones described here.

Nvidia RTX 3060 Graphics Card

Nvidia RTX 3060 graphics cards enable you to outfit a competent gaming PC without breaking the budget, allowing you to play the most popular games available at a level of visual comfort that is sufficient. Especially especially compared to the 3080 variants, which, when they are finally made available, will cost more than 1,200 euros each. When coupled with a powerful computer, this produces a result that is optimized for the games that will be released in 2021, all while presenting a seamless Full HD or Quad HD rendering. Ray tracing should also be taken into consideration.

Asus ROG Flow 13

ROG Flow 13, Asus’s newest gaming laptop, was just released recently. This gaming personal computer features a 13-inch screen that can be rotated in any direction and can be equipped with a robust graphics card manufactured by Nvidia.

Lunettes Afflelou Collection Vitality

Gamers have the backing of Afflelou opticians. In addition, considering that sight is the sense that is used the most while playing, the company has introduced glasses that emphasize its competence in this particular field. Since the beginning of the year 2020, Afflelou has been working as one of the partners of the renowned e-sports team Vitality. This group is comprised of a number of the industry’s most accomplished professional players. And it is with them that the opticians have produced a special collection for the purpose of providing the utmost comfort and reducing eye strain.

Ikea Fauteuil Groupsel

A new assortment of gaming furniture was introduced by Ikea in the month of October. The world’s largest provider of home furnishings provides a specialized product line that was developed with the assistance of Asus. Accessories are provided to install your equipment. The price range for the ergonomic chairs that are now available for purchase is anything from fifty to two hundred and sixty euros.

Nacon MG-X Smartphone Controller

Nacon’s MG-X gives you the ability to improve the gaming experiences you have on your Android device by wrapping a controller around the device. The device can be easily set up, communicates with your Android smartphone through Bluetooth, and provides up to 20 hours of play time with full autonomy while retaining all of the capabilities of an Xbox controller.

Nanoleaf Light Panels

The business Nanoleaf has developed a new kind of lighting to be used to adorn the walls of gaming spaces in order to create an environment that combines an auditory and visual experience. These LED tiles provide a wide range of color options that may be completely configured. These RGB tiles, which are associated with the Razer gaming brand, may also be synced in real time with a game to give a lighting ambience that is congruent with it.

The dynamic effects demonstrate an interaction of colors via the use of gradients. It is possible to associate particular effects at will according to the circumstances. For instance, it is possible to make the luminaries flash in red if the player’s life is low, or it is possible to see the life in blue to reflect the colors of the sky in a game. Both of these examples are possible. to do with excitement. It is important to know that there is a wide variety of slab forms available to choose from so that they may be coordinated with the interior design of a space. Nanoleaf provides kits for a bespoke installation, each of which has a certain number of panels.

Xbox Forza Horizon 5 Edition Handcuffs

An occurrence inside the game, a joystick of circumstance. In conjunction with the launch of Forza Horizon 5 for Xbox Series consoles and Windows PCs on November 9, Microsoft will also be releasing a new Xbox pad designed just for the event. Xbox controllers have a well-deserved reputation for having outstanding ergonomics, which is well known among gamers. As a result, the American maker does not include them in the color schemes of its most popular games.

And colors are not lacking in any way in this special edition. It is presented with a translucent bright yellow plastic that makes it possible to view the electrical components, and its surface is covered with an explosion of hues that combine powerful blue and purple. These controllers, like other Xbox controllers, are compatible not just with the Xbox One and Series X/S consoles, but also with Windows PCs.

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